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Horizon Mini is brought to you by Hill Therapeutics, a division of Hill Laboratories Company

Effective Treatment at Home!
Due to the popular demand for the Horizon Infrared device from medical doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists; Hill Laboratories proudly introduces the Horizon Mini. The Horizon Mini is an infrared therapy device FDA cleared for home use. With a powerful output of 350mW, you don’t have to visit your local practitioner to get quick relief from pain. Simply place directly on the skin and turn on. You’ll experience a slow thermal rise while your body’s cells absorb the infrared photons to create healing. Only $195 with $6.99 continental U.S. shipping.

About Hill Therapeutics...
Hill Therapeutics is a division of Hill Laboratories Company. The Hill Therapeutics Division features outstanding therapy equipment for Hands-Free Ultrasound, Infrared Light and Photo Therapy and Spinal Curve Restoration. With over 65 years in the medical equipment industry, Hill Laboratories continued success is a testimony to the value of good products sold at a reasonable price, and the personal service that has characterized this family business for so many years.

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