Dick Devos’ Business Path from Amway to Political Interest

Dick Devos, son of Amway co-founder, Rich Devos, has a long business career in the multi-tiered home products business. He and his wife prosper in searching for creative results to social difficulties. Since the founding of Windquest Group in 1989, Chairwoman, Betsy Devos has maintained those innovative solutions for the good of society.



Besides, Dick and Betsy DeVos founded the multi-company functioning group to invest in clean energy, technology, and manufacturing. Added to that, the former Amway president and his wife, Betsy Devos channeled their business brainpower into the political arena. And, he and his wife are widely respected by many people through their home state, Michigan — but that respect and appreciation also spread throughout the country.



If you can imagine Dick having a hand in his family business during his childhood, then you can understand how he took off so investment-focused. He is the son of Richard and Helen Devos, big supporters of the Republican Party. Plus, his notable parents invested much money into the think tank systems. Even so, Dick and Betsy Devos’ popularity also increased because of their charitable events. As philanthropists, the couple recently unveiled their massive philanthropic gift valued at $139 million.



Thus, Dick is currently involved in politics, and he has an active role in the Republican Party. Yes, he is following in his parents’ footsteps which he and Betsy are faithful servants. As we know, their work is aimed at leadership, education, justice community and the arts. However, what makes Dick so successful at this is his long-term career. He worked for several companies in a leading part and has broad experience on the business field, fund management, and investment.



Dick and Betsy Devos have been donating large amounts to charity from their family charitable foundations since many years. You can check the couple’s generosity in money donations on the Dick and Betsy Devo’s website. Notice, they donated $11.6 million to a wide range of enterprises and educational institutions. However, they have been generous donors to the Republican Party’s campaign. Perhaps this is why they both have been so engaged in Republican politics.


So, the couple’s primary focus is on the education division. Training is the top item on their philanthropic agenda, and much of their donations are aimed at education reform. They are passionate about improving the school choice for children and parents throughout the country.


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