Doe Deere Promotes Her Lime Crime Brand on Her Own

Doe Deere is still promoting her brand on her own, because this is working for her. She is doing this now with a host of different videos and concepts that have allowed her to introduce herself to the world along with her Lime Crime brand.



Doe Deere is someone that has taken tremendous pride in building a brand that is different from everything else. She has become one of those people that looks at the entire picture and finds a way to rebel from what the competition has put in place.


She is one of these people that has seen a way to build a better way to market herself, and it really appears that no one else is doing what she is doing. She is one of the youngest people in the position of CEO in the cosmetics world, and this is just a small part of what has made her shine with the Lime Crime brand.


The fact that she did not want to be like everyone else inspired other people that buy her makeup. Essentially, the entire concept behind what she is doing is something that emphasizes how one should not conform to the standard. People that buy the Doe Deere makeup colors are not mainstream cosmetics fans; they are often rebels. She does not want to be recognized as another person that is simply doing what everyone else is doing. Doe Deere has made her own rules for penetrating this industry, and she wants customers that patronize her and become fans of the brand to also pave their own path.


She has bundles of confidence, and this definitely shines through when people are able to see her videos. Doe Deere has posted videos on blogs and YouTube sites that present her talking confidently about her makeup brand. She has a lot of different colors and themes that she is brought forth. It is all part of an ultimate marketing strategy to make this brand one of the most interesting brands of lipstick on the market today. She is doing what the competition cannot do because she has taken a path that the competition did not take. She put herself in a position where she would be able to thrive as an alternative with the dark shades of bold lipstick that have obscure names. These products will be things that will make her fans appreciate the brand.


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