Dr. David Samadi Announces The Release Of The Long Anticipated Housecall Broadcast

     There is a lot of anticipation for an upcoming live broadcast with Dr. David Samadi called Sunday Housecall. As the Chief of Robotic Surgery, and the Chairman of Urology at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital, Dr. David Samadi is expected to provide an informative, and enlightening broadcast. Viewers can look forward to up-to-date information regarding the latest health issues, and medical stories. Valuable tips for treatment will also be provided during the broadcast.

Dr. David Samadi’s Sunday Housecall will be airing every Sunday live. The broadcast will begin at 12:30pm Eastern Standard Time. Viewers can watch the broadcast through YouTube live, Facebook, Twitter, or at DrSamadiTV.com. A wide variety of guests will be featured on the broadcast including specialists from the wellness, health, and medical fields. Dr. David Samadi will be engaging the guests on interesting topics relating to health, and provide the answers the public is looking for concerning good health. His advice, and the health topics will include women’s health, men’s health, food, exercise, diet, prostate health, common diseases, sexual health, and all topics currently trending in the medical industry.

Due to the fact the show will be broadcast live, the viewers will have the ability to email, or call in any questions both during and after the broadcast. A health specialist or Dr. David Samadi will be personally answering all the viewers questions. A special welcome has been issued by Dr. David Samadi to any specialist in the health, or medical fields. This includes anyone who has developed a medical, or health product that has received peer reviews, anyone who has authored a book written to promote health, and any individuals with an extensive knowledge regarding the fields of wellness, and health. These individuals are invited to call his office if they are interested in appearing on his broadcast as a guest.

Dr. David Samadi holds the positions of the Chief of Robotic Surgery, and the Chairman of Urology. He serves Lenox Hill Hospital. He has received his board certification as a urologic oncologist, and his training encompasses both traditional, and open laparoscopic surgery. His expertise is in the field of robotic prostate surgery. Dr. David Samadi has a distinguished career, dedicated to the early detection, correct diagnosis, and cutting-edge treatment for prostate cancer. He has a reputation for being one of the most prominent surgeons in his area of expertise. His goal in life is to make the world aware of a disease that has taken second place as the leading cause of death for men.