Earn Money & Have Fun Working As A Traveling Vineyards Wine Guide

If you love wine and money, the Traveling Vineyard provides a unique opportunity to earn lucrative cash working at-home as a Wine Guide. Gathering friends together for conversation and wine, this unique opportunity first began in 2001, since which time it has provided many people with a fun, easy way to earn income and a lucrative wine collection.

Traveling Vineyard makes it easy to earn cash, captivating the audience with a pleasing wine in their choice of red, white, or sweet and fizzy categories. The company offers 21 moderately priced wines in total, each costing $14 – $25 each. With a satisfaction rate of 98%, these delicious wines are an easy sell.

Joining Traveling Vineyards as a Wine Guide costs $174. The Success Kit costs $99, and the materials for the first two tasting events cost $75. Each party you hold earns you a free electric wine opener. After earning $750 in sales, you earn another. If you sell $1400 in two months, you also get a rebate of $50. You get cash when friends sign up, too. The Success Kit contains tons of supplies to get you started, including wine bottle openers, wine glasses, brochures, and marketing materials, along with the first two wine kits that let you host wine tasting parties. You also get a website with the Success Kit. The website is free for the first three months, and only $15.95 per month after.

As a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyards, you earn commissions from 15% – 35%, based upon your monthly sales volumes. Three payments are made each month. You also get a 20% wine discount. There’s no monthly quotas, and the parties are tremendous fun for your adult friends.

Traveling Vineyards provides a unique opportunity to have fun and earn money. If you’re searching for a second income, enjoy socializing, and have a taste for wine, becoming a Wine Guide could be the best decision you make for your future.

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