Hussain Sajwani Career and Business Background

Hussain Sajwani is a successful businessman who sells properties in Dubai. His unique career history tell of the hard work that he has put into learning the art of business. He started out in the food industry, and through several bold and intelligent moves, found himself years later in the luxury real estate industry, with connections to powerful world leaders, and able to give to philanthropic causes that mean the most to him. How did he get there? Through hard work and determination.


Hussain Sajwani holds bachelors degrees from the University of Washington, but most of his skills and abilities within the working world come from his experience starting and owning a food service company. He started out in the food industry in the ’80s, and worked hard to serve the best product possible, as efficiently as possible. His clients respected and admired his drive and the high quality of food that his companies offered. He landed deals with the American Military, and became the main catering service for the military during Desert Storm in 1991. The connection with the military continued over the years, and he also earned contracts with Bechtel, a large American company. His services spread to cover American military bases in Bosnia and Somalia, as well as all over the gulf. The reputation that he earned as a business name was very high. He earned honors for the quality of his product.


Sajwani took everything that he learned in the food industry, and transferred it into a very different kind of business. However, even though the product was different, his business practices remained the same. He sold a quality product and maintained excellent client relations. He is respected and trusted, both things that clients look for when seeking to make a purchase. One such client was President Donald Trump, who worked with Damac owner Sajwani as well as the Damac team in order to purchase land in Dubai and develop it into a luxury golf resort. The Damac Group has many clients of high status, from around the globe. They work with people who want high end, luxury private properties, as well as excellent service. Through forming and maintaining relationships with his customers, Sajwani has become known all over the world. The Hussain Sajwani family enjoys a busy travel schedule, meeting with the many friends they have made through business relationships.


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