Securus Technologies and how Improved Communication can Benefit Prison Environment

Securus Technologies, Inc. is a tech provider of solutions for civil and criminal justice for public safety, as well as investigation, monitoring and corrections, and inmate communication solutions.


Securus Technologies, Inc. is a leader in its line of work, and it has been for quite a few years now. According to the company, the future of inmate communication relies on a number of factors which will start being more and more common. The changes will be made in order to improve the environment and provide an experience that results in a more positive outcome.


There are a vast number of aspects that need to change for the better in order to improve the quality of life for the incarcerated. That includes lower pricing as well as increased product variety. Another extremely important things are to provide communication opportunities a constant basis as well as additional video calling.


Inmates should have more opportunities for education and career development. In addition, t that health care should also be improved. So far, Health care has often been pushed to the side when the patient is an inmate but according to Securus Technologies, Inc. they should receive a higher quality of health care.


CEO Rick Smith of Securus Technologies, Inc. spoke about communication and the benefits of having more top quality communication services in correctional facilities. Over the past decade, communication has evolved significantly. Yet, correctional facilities have fallen behind compared to the rest f the world. CEO Rick Smith added that communication could have a profoundly positive influence on inmates. As a result improving their quality of life can lead to a more positive experience in prison. Higher quality of life might be critical to integrating prisoners into society and prevent future criminal acts. In the long term, that will lead to better society.