Services Offered by Apoyo Logistics Marino, a Subsidiary of COTEMAR

Apoyo Logistico Marino is a subsidiary of COTEMAR; the company provides specialized marine logistics and marine support boats. The company provides marine services to personal transportation and food, fluid processing and lodging services to personnel in Champeche Sonda. The boats are of the latest technology and have contributed significantly to the development marine sector in Mexico. The company has adopted innovative technology to help contribute to the development of the oil industry.

COTEMAR offers a variety of services, among them is construction and modernization engineering. The company rehabilitates platforms and in offshore installation. Semi-submersible platforms are used which have the ability to move fast from one complex to the other. The platforms can move to a different location as per the needs of the customers. The staff of COTEMAR is specialized in design, construction as well as the adoption of tasks in the oil industry. Another service offered by COTEMAR is specialized marine support boats. The service is provided through housing platforms that can accommodate up to 800 people.

One of the factors that have helped COTEMAR to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors is food and lodging services.

In providing its services, COTEMAR abides by the regulations and ensures they do not and bypass any laws. Following the law has helped the company to remain in operation and to avoid legal suits. The company observes the international code adopted by the international maritime organization. The regulations protect ships and port facilities to ensure the advancement of procurement and supply management beneath high-quality principles. Additionally, the company operates with management control in the application of ISO system. The control guarantees the quality of services provided keeps improving.

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