The Regime Of The Makeup Icon, Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a fashion icon like no other. The founder of the alternative beauty and makeup brand, Lime Crime, she embodies everything that the brand is. She founded Lime Crime when she started making her makeup and selling it to her friends and family. Back when she started making her makeup, there were very few brands that made makeup in the vibrant colors as she wanted. She has always been someone who loves experimenting and being creative in whatever way she can and by making her makeup, was able to have all the tools to do so.

Doe Deere’s look is something that has got her famous all throughout the makeup industry. But beneath all that beautiful skin and colorful tones is someone who follows a strict routine when it comes to herself. She starts off her day bright and early, and always makes sure she gets a good amount of sleep. She has always stressed the importance of a good night’s sleep for beautiful skin and stands by it. Another thing that Doe Deere stands by is drinking a right amount of water, and is something she tells her fans to do all the time! She starts out her day with a glass of water, and tries her best to stay hydrated through the day, after all, she does live in sunny LA.

Even though Doe Deere does not consider herself, she does insist on doing her morning exercises to stay healthy and fit. Doe Deere is a food lover and loves having a good meal to start out her day. She usually enjoys it by having a bowl of cereal, with some fruits which come from the trees that she grows in her yard.

Doe Deere is extremely organized when it comes to all that she does through the day. Right from the moment, she wakes up; she keeps to the schedule that she has. Her phone is one of the essential things to help keep her on track and schedule, always. She likes having everything on a compact space, be it her work, or her Instagram page which has millions of followers. Even so, she tries to keep it to a minimal, as mornings are her time to be creative and think about the new products that she plans to introduce for Lime Crime. She also likes spending her morning with her family and her two cats. She sees this as necessary since she is usually busy with the company from the rest of her day. Being a makeup mogul, doing her makeup is one of her favorite parts of her day and the thing that she looks forward to the most. She mainly uses the products that Lime Crime puts out as part of her regime.


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